Catalyst-Driven Lead Generation

Utillize big data and predictive analytics to connect with Exclusive, High Net-Worth, High Propensity prospects in your backyard.

Money in motion creates opportunity

Our motto is "Catalysts Cause Change". As Advisors ourselves, we noticed that often a new client came through the door following a catalyst event that caused them to need our services. We created Catalyst AI to identify these individuals top of funnel, to help build our book of business and help provide fantastic advice and service to our local community.
Harness the power of 400 million data points to reach your highest converting target market
Increase your marketing dollars ROI
A top of funnel marketing solution to fill your prospect pipeline

Why people choose a new advisor?


Catalyst event


Drawn to new institution


Issue at previous firm

Catalysts cause Change

Catalyst events are the main reason investors choose a new Financial Advisor.
McKinsey – Affluent Consumer Insights Survey (ACIS) 2014
McKinsey – The Future of Advice – Dec 8, 2014

Harness Untapped Data

Leverage big data and artificial intelligence to identify your next client
Compliment your current business development with unconstrained predictive analytics.
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Big Data

We gather hundreds of millions of data points in order to perform advanced analytics to identify the highest propensity prospects.


We leverage real-time event triggers to predict buying cycles of consumers, providing our users with prospects who would benefit from their services.

Artifical Intelligence

Our AI takes in hundreds of millions of data points to increase conversation rates for our users.

Predictive Analytics

Our predictive analytics utilizes a combination of event-driven data, historical data, behavioral analytics, and real-time data to predict a customer’s propensity to use a service.

Our Approach

of wealth will be transitioned in the next 25 years.
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Trillion of wealth will be passed down in the next 25 years

Our Platform


200 exclusive prospects pushed to your platform monthly.

In your backyard

Radius based leads within 50-miles from you, prioritizing those closer to you.

High net worth

Average investable assets of $1.5 million.

High propensity

Our combination of event-driven data, historical data, behavioral analytics, and real-time data results in the highest propensity prospects.

How to get started?


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Select your location

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Access your dashboard

You have immediate access to your dasboard and your leads. From here you can easily track, manage, and export your exclusive leads.
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Richard G.
“Catalyst AI is the best direct contact list for high net worth prospects that just had a life changing event, bar none.“
Joey D.
“We’re excited to see the response rate we’re achieving with Catalyst prospects. The monthly prospect lists contain an impressive amount of correct email addresses and phone numbers for the prospects compared to other lead generation platforms our company has tried.“

Your Target Market

Nationwide coverage
Harness untapped data and analytics to help propel your business development efforts. From nationwide data to your specific zip code, we have you covered.
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